Look Inside A 'Road Show'


November 11, 1990|By Elizabeth Large

Sun columnist Roger Simon's new book, "Road Show," was published last month to excellent reviews -- with the exception of a somewhat mixed one in The Sun. But then our reviewer worked for the Bush-Quayle ticket during the 1988 presidential campaign, so you can't blame him for being a little prickly about what Roger had to say. You'll see why in our excerpt from "Road Show," which starts on Page 12. What you won't be able to tell -- unless you read the whole book -- is that Roger is equally funny, caustic and deflating about just about everybody else involved in the 1988 campaign.

You may think you already know everything there is to know about the selling of a presidential candidate -- and besides, hasn't it been awhile since the election? Who's still interested in that stuff? -- but I think you'll find Roger's account of Willie Horton's role in the campaign absolutely riveting. As the subtitle of "Road Show" says -- with a little help from Adlai Stevenson -- "In America anyone can become president. It's one of the risks we take."

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