User-friendly Foyer


November 11, 1990|By Yolanda Garfield

When the house is new, the architecture traditional, and the children small and active, a balance between practicality and panache must be achieved in the interior design.

This entrance hall sets the tone for a new Howard County home for a family with three young children. Designed by Beverly Feldman of Feldman/Assoc. Interior Design to be user-friendly, the look is formal, yet warm.

The drama of a gray marble floor accented with a border of black granite is matched by faux-painted wainscoting. The wainscoting effectively adds a cozy touch to the large expanse of wall, yet the elegance of the marble climbs up the paneling as well as the columns. This superb formal treatment is the work of Women Power, artisans who specialize in painted finishes.

Curved sections of the wall too expensive to wainscot are still treated to this faux finish, which fools the eye into believing that all parts of the entrance hall are wainscoted.

The glamour of the chandelier is repeated in wall sconces that may be lit for mood. Furniture has been kept to a minimum, with only a French reproduction bombe chest and reproduction Venetian glass mirror filling the space.

Toward the rear of the hall, finely crafted leaded-glass doors trimmed in oak lead to a breakfast room. However, the main attraction is the floating staircase. It has been left uncarpeted both for practical reasons and because the family and the designer enjoy the look of the natural oak.

The result of the design is a formal, easy-to-live-with area that sets the tone for an elegant family home.

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