MSA: Ejections to bring suspensions

November 09, 1990|By Mike Farabaugh

The Maryland Scholastic Association has adopted a policy to deal with athletes and coaches who are ejected from games. Beginning with the winter sports season, any player or coach who is ejected by a game official will draw a one-game suspension.

MSA president Vince Bagli made the announcement following a special meeting of the MSA executive committee, called yesterday morning to rule on the fight in the waning minutes of last week's Patterson-Northern football game.

The contest was halted after both teams brawled for nearly 10 minutes.

"We have hundreds of contests every year and almost never have any sort of problem like this," said Bagli. "We decided to place both schools on probation for one year. We did not feel it was fair to suspend the Northern and Patterson players involved for [yesterday's] game [Patterson beat Walbrook, 40-8], since we were unable to make a ruling until the day they were going to play their next game. That's why the new policy will go into effect for the winter season."

Bagli said he understood that one of the schools already had dropped a player from the team because of his role in the fight.

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