Tiger Club head resigns as Towson alumni gear up

November 09, 1990|By Kent Baker

The president of the Tiger Club, the fund-raising arm for Towson State University athletics, has resigned.

"I want to stand up on behalf of the university and the rest of the athletic program," said Pat Casey, who was in his second year as Tiger Club president.

"Sadly, I believe that the best thing at this time is to suspend the football program. I don't believe it is viable at the Division I level with the amount of money we have now and what I can see us getting in the foreseeable future."

In a related development, the alumni group attempting to raise money to assure the continuation of football has set a goal of $85,000 by Dec. 3, when the Intercollegiate Athletic Committee takes a recommendation on the issue to the University Senate.

"We've been given numbers by the university, and that $85,000 would provide for 10 scholarships," said Jim Holdridge, head of the alumni group. "Then, we want to get an additional $110,000 by Dec. 1, 1991, to provide 12 more scholarships.

"I think what Hoke [Smith, university president] wants to see is our commitment."

Casey said that though he commends the fund-raising effort, he wonders why so many people did not get involved until the program's survival became critical.

"Why haven't they been involved before?" he asked. "They've said many times nobody ever asked them, but many have been asked again and again and we were unable to get a response.

"As long as they assumed the money was there, they were content to just let it ride."

Tiger Club executive director Steve Blake defended Casey, a 1980 Towson graduate, as the man "who brought fund raising into the forefront. We were just getting this thing going."

The organization has 336 members. Corporations have been reluctant to consider giving money, Casey said, "until we have better support from our own alumni. Raising money is not an easy thing, and some companies simply have a distaste for sports."

According to Casey, only 18 of the 600 former Towson football players have contributed to the Tiger Club this year, despite efforts to organize them.

Casey will be succeeded by Scott Hargest, a former Towson baseball player.

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