Citing football conflicts, Tiger Club official steps down

November 08, 1990|By Paul McMullen

Pat Casey resigned as president of the Tiger Club Tuesday over what he said were differences with those who want to save Towson State football.

"I think the best thing for the university and the athletic department is to suspend football," Casey said last night. "I'm not anti-football. I've been a supporter of the team, but it's my opinion that Towson State can't have football and a viable Division I athletic program at the same time."

Replacing Casey, who became Tiger Club president in June 1989, is Scott Hargest. It is a volunteer position. The booster club is charged with raising funds for Towson State sports, and it was one of the targets at an open forum discussing the future of football last week. According to Tiger Club executive director Steve Blake, a salaried employee of the athletic department, the club raised $65,000 last year.

"It was interesting to see people pointing fingers at the open forum," Casey said. "I asked some of the critics where they have been the last five years, and their claim that they haven't been asked to help has no merit. I've maintained all along that going to our alumni is the best way to raise money."

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