November 08, 1990

Cooperation between the city and surrounding counties could become a casualty of the voter upheaval that hit local governments Tuesday night.

Baltimore County Executive Dennis Rasmussen was a leader in regionalism, but he lost. So was Howard's now-defeated Elizabeth Bobo. Arundel's Jim Lighthizer retired. Only one of the area's Republican victors can fill this void: Anne Arundel's GOP executive, Bob Neall, who has a history of assisting the city as a legislator. He should waste no time assuming leadership on regional initiatives such as recycling and cultural aid.

Mayor Kurt Schmoke, for his part, must increase his metropolitan involvement. And the city council should ensure that recent exchanges with the Baltimore County Council continue.

As for Baltimore County's new leader, Roger Hayden, he should begin his dialogue by inviting the mayor and city council to his Dec. 3 inauguration in Towson. Regional problem-solving would make life easier for all the new county executives.

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