End of an Era

November 08, 1990

The nation's capital, after 12 years of unresponsive bureaucracy that was the Barry machine, now faces the prospect of new leadership.

Sharon Pratt Dixon, the feisty lawyer-turned politician whose campaign tapped into a citywide mandate for a fresh start, bagged the mayoral race in a historic landslide. Voters sent Eleanor Homes Norton to Congress, apparently choosing to overlook her troublesome family tax problems. There's a new, independent look to the D.C. Council thanks in part to Mayor Marion Barry's crushing defeat in his bid for one of two at-large council seats. They went to Democrat Linda W. Cropp, a school board member, and incumbent Statehood Party candidate Hilda H.M. Mason.

This new cast of characters offers promise for meaningful change in a city plagued by crime, budget woes and a doubtful Congress. The voters have made good and thoughtful choices.

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