Film forum series begins

November 08, 1990

The Baltimore Film Forum launches its Directors Showcase series in honor of Jean Renoir and John Ford tonight with the former's "The Crime of Mr. Lange" and tomorrow with the latter's "Grapes of Wrath." Both will be screened at 8 p.m. at the Baltimore Museum of Art's Meyerhoff Auditorium.

A highlight of the series, Nov. 15, will be screening of a double feature of Renoir's "A Day in the Country" and Ford's "Stagecoach."

Other Renoir films, screened Thursday nights, are: "The Grand Illusion," Nov. 29; "The Human Beast," Dec. 6; "Rules of the Game," Dec. 13. Other Ford films, presented Fridays are: "My Darling Clementine," Nov. 30; "The Searchers," Dec. 7; "The Last Hurrah," Dec. 14.

Admission prices are $4 for Film Forum and BMA members, senior citizens and students, and $5 for the general public. For more information, call 889-1993.

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