Mfume issues apology for wrong vote

November 07, 1990

Rep. Kweisi Mfume has issued an apology for inadvertently voting in favor of an appropriations bill amendment that would fund 61 "pork barrel programs that I vehemently oppose."

The apology, contained in a news release from his office, said Mfume, D-7th, had been attending a meeting to salvage the 1990 Civil Rights Act Oct. 20 and rushed to the floor of the House, where he quickly voted on the amendment.

The measure supports a Senate amendment that would transfer $54 million from housing programs to an account that would fund "special purpose projects."

"Although the amendment passed by 88 votes and my vote would not have made a difference, I deeply regret the error and hereby apologize for making the mistake," Mfume said.

"As someone who has worked all of his life for the development of assisted housing programs, this mistake is particularly upsetting to me."

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