Jack Cofield, who along with his father photographed...

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November 07, 1990

Jack Cofield, who along with his father photographed novelist William Faulkner, died Monday after an extended illness in Oxford, Miss. He was 63. His book, "William Faulkner: The Cofield Collection," included his internationally celebrated photographs that chronicled the life of the reclusive, Nobel Prize-winning author. Mr. Cofield's father, "Colonel" J. R. Cofield, took some of the photographs. Much of the collection was reprinted from scrapbooks and contained personalized captions by J. R. Cofield. Parts of the collection, some of it autographed by Faulkner, burned in a studio fire in 1986.

Richard Clark Lindsay, a retired Air Force lieutenant general who commanded NATO air forces in southern Europe, died of heart failure Saturday in Glendale, Calif., at the age of 85.

Cyrus Levinthal, a scientist who spent 33 years researching molecular genetics, died of lung cancer Sunday in New York. He was 68.

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