Friends on the Eastern Shore

Message to Schaefer

November 07, 1990|By Joseph L. Kroart

THIS ELECTION has called attention to the people of the Eastern Shore and Ocean City. They are in general quiet people - many with deep convictions and strong opinions -- that are not always necessarily visible on the surface.

They are not people quick to wave their hands to be interviewed, or to rush to make sure their names are spelled correctly in the newspaper.

Many people on the Eastern Shore and Ocean City relate well to Gov. William Donald Schaefer, his "gutsy" style, strong feelings and strong will. His dedication, endurance, and struggling with countless problems to "get the job done" has endeared him in a deep but quiet way. Perhaps it's his out-ward expression of their inner feelings that is the silent bonding force -- he does what they would hope would be done.

We appreciate and are amazed at the results of his dedicated efforts to benefit the Eastern Shore -- the beach replenishment program, the new Kent Narrows Bridge, the new schools and the extraordinary effort to reach out to European countries, bringing back trade agreements and industry. The results are truly incredible.

As one of his assistants once described it, his work is his whole being. He's in there 100 percent -- all the time -- personally making sure things work.

Ocean City is the "showplace" of Maryland, attracting visitors from all over the world, as well as providing all Maryland families with great Ocean City vacations and visits. Getting there will now be a little easier. Your kids, and mine, will find more space to play on the beach. Yes, and while we're enjoying this, more revenues will be flowing in, benefiting all of Maryland.

It's time to say congratulations, Governor. It's also time to say "thank you" and "best wishes" from all your friends on the Eastern Shore and Ocean City.

The writer is president of Ocean Gallery Fine Art Centers in Ocean City.

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