Available recipe booklets

November 07, 1990

* "The XYZ's of Food and Wine" is a booklet from the Sonoma County Wineries Association that explains how to pair wines with ethnic foods. For a copy, your name, address, zip code and 50 cents in check or money order for postage and handling to: "The XYZ's of Food and Wine," Sonoma County Wineries Association, 50 Mark West Springs Road, Santa Rosa, Calif. 95403.

* The California Prune Board is offering two brochures: "Myths and Facts on Walking and Weight Loss" and "Ten plus Ten," which feature cooking tips and low-fat recipes. For both brochures, send your name, address, zip code and $1 to cover postage and handling to: Brochure Offer, California Prune Board-WP, World Trade Center, Suite 103, San Francisco, Calif. 94111.

*"Entertaining at Home--an American Basic" is a 16-page home entertainment guide written by cookbook author Julee Rosso. The guide includes tips on planning and hosting a party, including setting up and stocking a bar and preparing appropriate quantities of food. The brochure is sponsored by Jim Beam Bourbon. For a copy, send your name, address and zip code to: "Entertaining At Home -- An American Basic," Jim Beam Bourbon, 510 Lake Cook Road, Deerfield, Ill. 60015.

FTC * For a recipe brochure, "Eat Right-Eat Light," or a list of 50 everyday uses for sour cream, send your name, address and zip code to: Land O'Lakes Consumer Affairs, Box 116, Minneapolis, Minn. 55440-0116.

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