Chanel suits have bottomed out

November 07, 1990|By Pat Morgan | Pat Morgan,Knight-Ridder Newspapers

PARIS The Chanel suit, for decades the very definition of French chic, has become the Chanel jacket.

It's just as well.

At current clothing prices, women who can afford the whole outfit are becoming increasingly rare.

Designer Karl Lagerfeld has for several years been gradually infusing the House of Chanel with a modern vitality. Some loyalists say he's gone too far, making the new Chanel look much too youthful for the women who actually can afford to buy the clothes.

But virtually no one questions Lagerfeld's genius. For spring '91, he hasn't entirely abandoned the suit several versions, including some in pastel leather, are available for spring but his clear preference is for a look that includes one of his many jacket styles over a second-skin cat suit, capri-cropped leggings or shorts.

So buy the basic black unitard from Danskin or the Limited. And put the savings toward a Chanel jacket.

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