The next-to-last word on hemlines

November 07, 1990|By N.Y. Times News Service

When it comes to hemlines, the votes are already in and tabulated. The short one wins.

While the showings of new fashions in Milan, Paris and New York have set guidelines for some interesting, possibly controversial, changes to come, they were all clear on one point. The hemline above the top of the knee and then some is the overwhelming choice.

A couple of trend-setting designers did show a very few longer skirts. But these were red herrings: The hems of everything else in their collections were way up there.

Two who tossed in some longer skirts, Geoffrey Beene and Isaac Mizrahi, both referred to them simply as options for a modern woman. More to the point, several longtime designers of the most conservative styles, like Pauline Trigere and Gloria Sachs, have finally hiked their hemlines up above the knee. In doing so, they are reflecting the preference of many fashion-conscious women today.

These few new longer hemlines will undoubtedly be worn by those who like to experiment with the most forward of fashions. For the rest of us, although longer hemlines will undoubtedly return, it won't be tomorrow. Or the day after. Today, the short hemline is it.

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