The worst makeup sins?

November 07, 1990|By Genevieve Buck | Genevieve Buck,Chicago Tribune

Pretty women: What are the biggest makeup mistakes women make?

Foundation that's too dark, blush that's too low on the cheek, lipstick that doesn't match a color around the face.

"They think they look tan or healthy if they wear a foundation that's darker than their skin, but they don't look healthy they look horrible," said France's premier makeup artist, Olivier Echaudemaison.

Match your foundation with your neck, he advises ("commands" is more like it); wear only a very light blush, and high, high, high on the cheeks; and don't even put lipstick on unless it matches some color that you're wearing.

"I don't mean it should match the shoes," said the formidable charmer, "but whatever color is closest to the face. There is nothing more awful than a woman wearing a pink lipstick and an orange scarf." (Double whammy, of course, if her foundation is also too dark.)

Every woman should have a wardrobe of lipsticks "beige, orange, coral, red, pink" according to Echaudemaison, makeup designer for Givenchy cosmetics and skin-care programs (and also chief makeup artist for the Givenchy and Claude Montana fashion shows in Paris).

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