Officer used a prison weapon to kill woman, self at Patuxent

November 06, 1990

A correctional supervisor at the Patuxent Institution, who shot a lieutenant who was his girlfriend and then took his own life Sunday morning at the Jessup facility, used a gun taken from the prison arsenal, officials said.

Sgt. Gregory M. Shipley, a state prisons spokesman, said Lt. Eugene Kenneth Davis, 37, could have issued the gun to himself, since he was a supervisor.

Lieutenant Davis used the .38-caliber handgun to shoot and kill Lt. Vivian Zina Anderson, 38, as he arrived for his 8-to-4 shift. Officials said it appeared the shooting resulted from a domestic dispute.

The spokesman said that prison guards are not armed while on duty. However, an arsenal is maintained for emergency purposes, such as inmate riots. Only the warden and shift commanders are allowed to issue the weapons. Sergeant Shipley said Lieutenant Davis had such authority.

He said that in reviewing the incident, prison officials would try to determine what prison guidelines had been violated and whether any changes in policies regarding the arsenal were necessary.

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