November 06, 1990

It is Decision Day. Starting at 7 o'clock this morning, voters get to decide the fate of dozens of political races and issues that will affect their daily lives. Only on election day do citizens have such power in their hands.

Don't squander this chance to make a difference. Whatever your daily schedule, find the time to go to the polls and participate in this great democratic process. Your vote truly could determine who governs your county, writes your laws and runs your state over the next four years.

In four counties, voters will pass judgment on tax-cap proposals aimed at radically altering government's ability to deliver local services. We repeat our admonitions for citizens in Baltimore County to vote AGAINST Question T and for residents of Anne Arundel County to vote AGAINST Question D. These simplistic approaches could devastate the region's fine school systems and play havoc with emergency-response services.

D-Day is your moment to shine. You will never have a better chance to place your imprint on local government. So whatever it takes to get to the polls today, do it. Cast your ballot. Let your voice be heard. Don't let this opportunity slip away.

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