Readers write

Readers write

November 06, 1990


From: Joseph M. Coale III


Historic Annapolis Foundation

Historic Annapolis would like to recognize the construction, integrity and visual quality of the State Circle resurfacing and wire-undergrounding project that is being funded and administered by the city government with state participation.

The attention to detail and craftsmanship of the brick work, granite curbs, pedestrian crossings, and soon-to-be-installed period street lamps all show great sensitivity to the adjacent streetscapes and to the architectural integrity of the historic district. It shows that when all the resources of the community participate together wonderful results can happen. This progressive project will attract more visitors to our museum and commercial sites who appreciate the district's unique architectural and historical resources.

Unfortunately, the project has endured delays and downtown merchants have suffered some short-term business loss. This should be recognized.

Accordingly, our foundation has requested all our members during the upcoming Christmas shopping to patronize the shops and stores whose businesses have been disrupted during this construction process. We have also asked the governor and county executive to issue a similar request to all government employees who work in the historic district area.

Any public works project undertaken with this degree of specialization and magnitude is bound to cause inconveniences but the finished product will serve the community well for generations to come.


From: Charlene Watkins


Parole Elementary PTA

We would like to thank Ms. (Dianne Williams) Hayes and your staff for the excellent article regarding Parole Elementary School which appeared in The Anne Arundel County Sun on Tuesday, Oct. 2, 1990.

For many years, Parole Elementary has been working diligently toward the goal of quality education. Ms. Hayes has captured the spirit and successes at Parole Elementary.

We look forward to more quality reporting regarding Parole Elementary.

Again, thank you very much.

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