Youngster craves comics


November 06, 1990|By Dr. Modena Wilsonand Dr. Alain Joffe

Q: All my 9-year-old reads is comic books. How can I get him to read something worthwhile?

A: We have several suggestions. Remember, at his age your son will need to think that what he does is his idea, so be subtle.

*Children your son's age often enjoy reading for information even though they turn up their noses at "books." There are many magazines with well-written articles for children his age. Subscribe to one or two. Popular subjects include the natural world, adventure, geography, sports, biography and how things work.

*Suggest that your son is old enough to read the newspaper. Share it with him even before you read it. When he talks about what he's read, show him you are interested in what he says.

*Ask his teacher or a children's librarian to suggest readings. Bring a book home and offer to read aloud. Children of all ages enjoy hearing an adult read with feeling.

What if these strategies fail and your son just reads comic books this year? Let him see you reading and enjoying it. He won't stay with comic books forever, because they won't hold his interest.

Dr. Wilson is director of pediatric primary care of the Johns Hopkins Children's Center. Dr. Joffe is director of adolescent medicine.

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