Community notes

Community notes

November 05, 1990


Al-Anon Family Groups are a fellowship of relatives and friends of alcoholics. Al-Anon/Alateen is comprised of non-professional, self-supporting, self-help groups.

The only requirement for members is that one's life is being or has been affected by someone else's drinking.

For locations and times of meetings: 766-1984.


The Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals of Anne Arundel County Inc. reminds pet owners that it is against the law in Anne Arundel County to carry a dog in the open area of a motor vehicle, such as a pickup truck, unless the animal is safely confined.

SPCA officials say dogs can't hold on the way people can, and sudden stops can toss an animal onto the highway. Tying a dog won't help, as it is possible for the dog to be thrown out of the truck and dragged.

The SPCA recommends leaving pets at home or keeping them inside the truck's cabin.

Carrying the dog safely inside the truck means that it must be carried in a sturdy cage that has been bolted or tied down, or the dog must wear a specially designed harness bolted to the truck bed. Both items are available through pet supply catalogs.

Information: 268-4388.


To properly prosecute drunken driving cases, the Central Maryland Chapter of Mothers Against Drunk Driving asks the public to do the following:

* Take a good look at the driver's face if you observe erratic driving or a fender-bender. Many convictions are lost because the problem of identification. By the time the police arrive, people are usually out of their vehicles. Prosecutors must prove beyond a reasonable doubt that the impaired person was behind the wheel.

* Observe the driver's physical appearance. Do you see bloodshot eyes, a flushed face or disheveled clothing? Can you smell alcohol on the driver's breath? Are beer cans or liquor bottles visible in the vehicle. Pay attention to the driver's speech. What did he say and to whom did he say it? Note the driver's balance when walking, or his actions waiting for the police (such as throwing out beer cans).

* Give police or the non-intoxicated driver your name, address, and home and work phone number, so they can contact you if necessary.

* Write down your observations as soon as possible. Criminal trials often are delayed, and your memory might fade as to important details.

Information: 268-5561.


North Arundel Hospital will mail the following information to area residents free of charge:

* Emergency First Aid Kit -- the 6-by-4-inch adhesive-backed medical information guide comes in three different sections. The first contains information on what to do for 10 different emergency medical situations, and the other two are telephone guides with emergency phone numbers.

* Pediatrician Listing -- a booklet with a list of all the hospital's pediatricians and information regarding North Arundel's 15-bed pediatric unit.

* Mammography Brochure -- a brochure featuring information about breast cancer, mammography, the hospital's mammography center and how to prepare for a mammography examination.

* Preparing for Your Physician Visit Booklet -- a series of three booklets to help prepare a patient for the doctor's visits. Aimed especially at seniors, each booklet has specific information about different types of visits.

Their titles are: "Before a Routine Physical Examination or First-Time Physical," "Special Problem Appointment" and "Sudden Injury or Illness Appointment."

* Chronic Pulmonary Patient Booklet -- a booklet to prepare the chronic pulmonary patient for emergency department visits. When a patient is experiencing breathing difficulties and unable to respond to questions, this booklet will have useful questions and information that can help both the patient and the medical personnel.

* North Arundel Hospital/Arundel Heart Center Program -- information regarding the complete cardiac rehabilitation program. Patients may join as early as two weeks or as late as one year after a cardiac condition has been diagnosed. The Arundel Heart Center is located at 7649 Crain Highway in Glen Burnie.

* Autologous Brochure -- information on the procedure of donating your own blood to be transfused back at a later date. The procedure is primarily aimed at elective surgical patients. The autologous procedure eliminates the risk of transfusion-related diseases, such as AIDS and hepatitis, or the risk of transfusion reactions.

* Nursing Career Brochure -- information regarding employment opportunities and highlights Anne Arundel County living.

* Physician Directory -- lists the hospital's physicians in their medical specialty. A total of 314 local physicians affiliated with North Arundel Hospital are listed, along with their local addresses and phone numbers.

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