NFL player cover-up doesn't fit allA Wisconsin towel...

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November 04, 1990

NFL player cover-up doesn't fit all

A Wisconsin towel company is trying to fill the National Football league's order for 2,100 terry-cloth robes and wraps for players so that female reporters will not face any more locker-room interference.

But McArthur Towels workers learned that their one-size-fits-all wraparounds don't fit some of the hulking players.

"The Green Bay Packers equipment manager called and said the terry wrappers we sent weren't large enough to fit five of their 300-pound players," said Greg McArthur, executive vice president of the family business in Baraboo, Wis. He said the company has been doing custom work for larger players.

McArthur said it usually takes about 3 1/2 yards of fabric to make a standard-size, 24-by-54-inch wrap. He said the company is extending the waistline by eight inches for larger players.

From Big Bird to Larry Bird

After years of practice and preparation, NBC sports commentator Marv Albert will make his national National Basketball Association debut -- not only on NBC, but on "Sesame Street" as well.

The "Sesame Street" segment featuring Albert will air Nov. 26 on PBS.

"What a great thrill for someone who watches the show on a regular basis," Albert said. "It actually helps me prepare from a remedial point of view for NFL work with [analyst] Paul Maguire."

NBA may have wrong Marciulionis

Golden State Warriors' Sarunas Marciulionis may not be the best shooter in the family.

Merritt College coach Fred Brown calls Marciulionis' wife, Inga, a 5-foot-11 guard, who will be playing junior college basketball this season, "the best pure shooter I've ever coached, male or female."

"Basketball here is easy for me. I play at a very high level before," said Inga Marciulionis, 25, who played on Soviet national women's teams during the 1980s. "But I don't play for about two years now, so we'll see."

She is taking mostly physical education and recreation classes at Merritt. Since she has never played college basketball, she is eligible under California guidelines.

Miss. team pitches Mets for Generals

Scratch Class AAA Jackson, Miss., from the list of New York Mets' minor-league affiliates. In turn, scratch "Mets" as the team's nickname and replace it with "Generals."

Other entries among the 385 submitted by fans as part of a team-sponsored contest included: Rednecks, Dizzy Deans, Fire Ants, Bluffers, Mississippi Mud, Bootleggers, Boll Weevils, Mudcats, Homeboys, Cotton Bolls, Cotton Mouths, Moonshiners, Magnolias, Chiggers, Pot Lickers, Sharecroppers, Stonewalls, Hound Dogs, Channel Cats, Rowcroppers, Hickories and City Council Are Morons.

The quote

New York Mets pitcher Dwight Gooden, when asked how teammate Darryl Strawberry would do if he played for the Los Angeles Dodgers: "I don't know how he would do overall, but I know what he would do when I'm pitching -- four walks."

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