The Sun's Endorsements

November 04, 1990

The Sun makes the following recommendations for today's general election. Candidates who are unopposed are not listed. You may clip this list and take it with you into the voting booth.


Governor -- William Donald Schaefer (D)

Comptroller -- Louis L. Goldstein (D)

Attorney General -- J. Joseph Curran Jr. (D)

Court of Special Appeals -- Robert F. Fischer

Constitutional Amendments

No. 1 -- Allowing state and local officials to serve in the military reserves. Vote FOR.

No. 2 -- Placing the Court Clerks' offices under the Court of Appeals. Vote FOR.

No. 3 -- Asking voters if a Constitutional Convention should be called. Vote AGAINST.


1st District -- Wayne T. Gilchrest (R)

2nd District -- Helen D. Bentley (R)

3rd District -- Benjamin L. Cardin (D)

4th District -- Tom McMillen (D)

5th District -- Steny Hoyer (D)

6th District -- Beverly B. Byron (D)

7th District -- Kweisi Mfume (D)

8th District -- Constance Morella (R)

Anne Arundel County

County Executive -- Robert R. Neall (R)

County Council

District 1 -- George F. Bachman (D)

District 2 -- Ernest C. Michaelson (R)

District 3 -- Carl G. Holland (R)

District 5 -- Diane R. Evans (R)

District 6 -- Maureen Lamb (D)

District 7 -- Virginia P. Clagett (D)

State's Attorney -- Timothy D. Murnane (R)

General Assembly

District 29 --

Senate: Bernie Fowler (D)

House: 29A Edward B. Finch (R)

District 30 --

Senate: Gerald W. Winegrad (D)

House: John C. Astle (D); Aris Allen (R); Edith Segree (D)

District 31 --

Senate: Philip C. Jimeno (D)

House: Evelyn Kampmeyer (R); Joan Cadden (D); W. Ray Huff (D)

District 33 --

House: John G. Gary (R); Marsha G. Perry (D); Elizabeth S. Smith (R)

Charter Amendments

Question A -- Creating a Spending Affordability Committee. Vote FOR.

Question B -- Filing charter amendment petitions with the County Council. Vote FOR.

Question C -- Setting the first Monday in December after the election as the inauguration date for the new county executive. Vote FOR.

Question D -- Placing a 4.5 percent cap on property tax revenue increases. Vote AGAINST.

Baltimore City

General Assembly

District 40 --

Senate: Ralph M. Hughes (D)

District 43 --

Senate: John A. Pica Jr. (D)

House: Anne Marie Doory (D); Gerald Curran (D); Henry R. Hergenroeder Jr. (D)

District 44 --

House: Anne Perkins (D); Kenneth Montague (D); Curtis Anderson (D)

District 45 --

Senate: Nathan C. Irby Jr. (D)

House: John Douglass (D); Clarence Davis (D); Hattie N. Harrison (D)

District 47 --

House: Michael Burgess (R); Paul Weisengoff (D); R. Charles Avara (D)

Bond Issues

Question A -- Community development loan of $6 million. Vote YES.

Question B -- Self-supporting $4 million housing development loan. Vote YES.

Question C -- Self-supporting $2 million loan to Bon Secours Hospital. Vote YES.

Question D -- Port Covington $7.5 million economic development loan. Vote YES.

Question E -- Asbestos removal loan of $2 million. Vote YES.

Question F -- Self-supporting $4 million loan for financing commerical and industrial projects. Vote YES.

Question G -- Recreation and parks loan of $2.75 million. Vote YES.

Question H -- School renovation loan of $4 million. Vote YES.

Baltimore County

County Executive -- Dennis F. Rasmussen (D)

County Council

District 1 -- Ronald B. Hickernell (D)

District 2 -- Melvin G. Mintz (D)

District 3 -- C.A. Dutch Ruppersberger (D)

District 4 -- Douglas Riley (R)

District 5 -- Vincent Gardina (D)

District 6 -- William R. Evans (D)

District 7 -- Donald Mason (D)

General Assembly

District 5 -- Senate: J. Jeffrey Griffith (D)

House: Lawrence LaMotte (D)

District 6 -- Senate: Michael J. Collins (D)

House: Michael Weir (D); E. Farrell Maddox (D); Leslie Hutchinson (D)

District 7 -- House: Connie Galiazzo (D); John Arnick (D); Louis DePazzo (D)

District 8 -- Senate: Thomas L. Bromwell (D)

House: Donna M. Felling (D); William Burgess (D); Joseph Bartenfelder (D)

District 9 -- Senate: F. Vernon Boozer (R)

House: Michael Gisriel (D); John Bishop (R); Gerry Brewster (D)

District 10 -- Senate -- Janice Piccinini (D)

House: Robert Ehrlich (R); Ellery Woodworth (D); A. Wade Kach (R)

District 11 -- House: Ella White Campbell (R); Theodore Levin (D); Richard Rynd (D)

District 12 -- Senate: Nancy Murphy (D)

Court of Appeals -- Robert C. Murphy

Bond Issues

Question A -- School construction and renovation, $39.9 million. Vote FOR.

Question B -- $45.8 million for government buildings, including fire, police, health and jails. Vote FOR.

Question C -- Refuse disposal improvements, $9.65 million. Vote FOR.

Question D -- Senior Centers construction, $500,000. Vote FOR.

Question E -- Library improvements, $2.05 million. Vote FOR.

Question F -- Waterway improvements, $7.4 million. Vote FOR.

Question G -- Parks and playgrounds, $4.835 million. Vote FOR.

Question H -- Community college repairs and construction, $6.935 million. Vote FOR.

Question I -- Neighborhood revitalization and affordable housing, $2.625 million. Vote FOR.

Question J -- Storm drains, roads and bridges, $80.21 million. Vote FOR.

Charter Amendments

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