Scamp, Come Home

November 04, 1990

BORING - Terri J. Golding is pulling out all the stops in her search for her puppy, Scamp.

When daily pleas in the lost and found section of The Sun and The Evening Sun went unanswered, she bought a two-day display ad at a cost of $400.

"I'll keep writing checks until I run out of money," she said. "I'm not counting the dollars. I just want my dog back."

Golding said she rescued Scamp about 18 months ago, after her veterinarian found him abandoned along a road near his Baltimore County office.

Since she brought Scamp home to her other two retrievers, she said she has become attached to the mixed shepherd and collie.

"I wish my husband and I hadn't done such a good job with him, though," she added. "We turned him from a skittish and scared animal into a friendly one."

Golding said she is afraid that her pet has gone off with a stranger.

Scamp and Murphy, the Goldings' chocolate lab, escaped from the family yard Oct. 10. In less than 15 minutes, Murphy returned home "Scampless".

After a thorough but fruitless search of the neighborhood, just south of the Carroll County line, Golding began her advertising campaign.

Posters, describing the golden-colored dog with a white chest and a black mask on his face, have appeared everywhere. Golding said she has received many responses and doesn't plan to give up.

Information: 526-4926.

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