Letters to the editor

Letters to the editor

November 04, 1990


From: Don Haines


I'm responding to an article written by Adam Sachs in the Oct. 21 issue of The Carroll County Sun that might lead people to believe that my brother, Larry Haines, does not have the support of his family in his quest for the 5th District Senate seat.

Indeed, Larry has the support of not only myself (his older brother), but our mother, our older brother, our two older sisters and numerous aunts, uncles, nieces and nephews, all of whom feel he will make a fine state senator.

We were with him when he opened his campaign over a year ago, and we will be with him when he celebrates his victory on election night.

EDITOR'S NOTE: In an Oct. 24 article, Sachs wrote that Larry Haines said his four other siblings back his campaign.


From: Michael J. Craig Sr.


Hats off to the Great Manipulator -- Jeff Griffith.

He can turn a pregnant woman aborting a baby at nine months from a person with a total disregard of life into a person choosing birth control and ask us (the taxpayer) to pay for it.

He can take Americans like Ben Franklin, Thomas Jefferson, Ronald Reagan and Larry Haines, who pray and attend church, and turn them from patriots into "extremists."

He can produce a huge puff of smoke created by abortion and religious rhetoric and hide 14 years of public blunder.

But for his greatest trick -- can he survive the stink left behind when the smoke clears?

I think not.

Question: How can you tell if Jeff Griffith (a Democrat) is manipulating?

Answer: His lips are moving.

Although I am presently the Manchester District Manager of the Tri-District Republican Club, the views expressed are my personal views and not necessarily those of the club.


From: Mark N. Wadel


What Jack Poage has contributed toward this county in aviation has been remarkable.

He has pioneered in many areas as far back as I can remember. From the grass field landing strip to our new and beautiful tarmac runway with its lovely and convenient hangar. He has brought about many good changes to the Carroll County Airport.

My concern lies in another related area though. This aspect of my concern happens to be a part of our Aviation Safety Rules. It is partly a basis for the continued tragedies that we experience in most aviational shows.

I am going to strongly urge that our legislators in our next General Assembly introduce legislation that would create laws that would restrict or ban portions of the practicing of "death-defying" stunts or "daredevil" acts from our air shows in the Carroll County skies.

Many countries have already banned such air shows. Most will remember the great air show tragedy in France that took so many lives -- lives of the spectators as well as those of the pilots who were involved in the act.

When and what will it take before we learn? No one has yet suggested, that, if in fact we had such a law in effect, then maybe, perhaps Jack Poage would still be with us today.

I remember, it was approximately four to six months ago, a pilot from New York flew over many homes here in Carroll County. He was flying out of Frederick Airport doing photographic work. There was such a public outcry for safety that the pilot was later fined.

To me personally, I cannot see what the main reason or the primary purpose is, or, what is really supposed to be accomplished by taking an aircraft several thousand feet up in the air and then free falling or power driving straight down toward the earth with the hopes that he can defeat death. It is a senseless act, am I missing something?

I am not trying to be facetious or sensational, but why not take on more risks? Have a few volunteers from the audience to go along with the pilots. Rather ridiculous isn't it?

I am sure that the attendance to these events would decline if such events were removed from the air shows. We sometimes attend these shows with the expectancy of suspense and drama.

The mentality (is) that of a roulette player or even a bull fight watcher hoping that perhaps, perhaps this time the challenger would not overcome the challenge.

On many occasions the crowd would stand up and almost cheer because the quest was not conquered, the stunt was not mastered.

Changing the name of the airport does not matter much to me, however, in my opinion, I feel personally that we should leave the name of the airport as it is currently called.

I would rather remember Jack Poage for his contributions in aviation and to our county in a quiet way. "Poage Airport" would always bring to my memory the pain and tragedy of something that never should have happened.

In any event though, I would like to extend my sincerest condolences to June Poage and to the staff at the Carroll County Airport.


From: Dan Bridgewater


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