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November 04, 1990


From: Dave Chaput


The voters of Anne Arundel County have important decisions to make when they enter their polling place on Nov. 6. They have to decide whether to continue "business as usual," where the taxpayers are treated merely as sources of revenue for pet projects; growth management is directed by who contributed to whose campaign; and concern for the environment runs in four-year cycles.

The logical alternative is to vote Republican for county executive and all seats on the County Council. The Democratic Party has had a stranglehold on county government for way too many years and we have paid dearly for it. Even now with three of their incumbent council members stepping down, machine-types have been hand-picked to replace them. In District 1, they have a former council member, In District 2 they have a lackey of Glen Burnie politico Erle Schaefer's and in District 5, the sister-in-law of the District 2 incumbent is the nominee.

It's about time the little guy has a voice in government. We must toss out the incumbents and their cronies. Otherwise we'll have four more years of the same manure -- just a few new flies!


From: Frank Weathersbee

State's attorney

I have been privileged to be in the service of my fellow Anne Arundel Countians as a prosecutor for over two decades. In that 20 years I have prosecuted and won convictions against criminals in thousands of cases, including everything from local incarceration for drunk drivers to life without parole for murder.

For the past two years I have had the honor or being the state's attorney for Anne Arundel County. I have responded to that honor the only way I know how: with a commitment to quality prosecution that has resulted in a Circuit Court conviction rate of 95 percent. Last year $455,000 was collected and returned to victims of crimes. More than $362,000 in drug dealer's assets was forfeited.

In my two years as state's attorney I have brought to the office a special caring for victims, a competent prosecutor corps that has been efficient, effective and professional. Simply put, in behalf of our fellow citizens, we win and put the bad guys away.

I am particularly proud of the endorsement extended to me by the Maryland Troopers Association and the County Fraternal Order of Police. As the County Police endorsement mentioned, we're a law enforcement team with an enviable record. I look forward to continuing that winning team work. I appreciate their professionalism and am grateful for their support.

When the Circuit Court judges unanimously appointed me state's attorney in 1988, I feel their selection was because they believed I had the commitment, experience and proven record of a respected prosecutor.

Although Judges must remain silent, I would hope when they privately reflect on their choice they have reason to think nothing other than their trust was justified. I would hope the citizens of Anne Arundel County agree.


From: Mark A. Anderson

Chairman, Democrats

for Diane Evans Committee

Well before the Sept. 11 primary, a number of 5th District Democrats examined the entire field of candidates pursuing the council seat vacated by Carole Baker. Diane Evans stood out as the best qualified to lead our district. As this campaign has developed, we are convinced that our judgment is accurate.

Diane Evans' preparation for public service out-ranks Linda Gilligan in every criteria typically used to measure capability for elected office --civic involvement, environmental activism, participation in education issues as well as understanding the political and government process. The following example shows the quality difference in these candidates.

Building East-West Boulevard to provide relief for traffic on Benfield has become a major "litmus test" for candidates in our district. Diane Evans articulated one position, specifically that E-W Boulevard must be built to county standards with state funding help. This is her one, and only, position. Linda has alternately opposed and supported building E-W Boulevard. Linda has gained the support of the leaders of the opposition to E-W Boulevard (her lawn signs appear in front of their homes). To the Severna Park Chamber of Commerce, she again opposed E-W Boulevard but suggested "upgrading and connecting other roads" to relieve Benfield. Most recently, in front of the American Association of University Women, Linda favored building the road but without state funding. Frankly, Linda's position on the E-W Boulevard is still not clear.

E-W Boulevard issue gives us a clear indication of how well each of these candidates can size up a heated issue, make a clear decision and then have the confidence to remain true to that decision.

Diane Evans will be a quality leader. Please join us when we cast our votes for her!!


From: John McGahagan


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