Vote Republican, But Vote In Any Case

Readers write

November 04, 1990

From: Mike Davall

Chairman, Harford County Republican Central Committee


When the topic of voting or elections or politics comes up, I often hear people say "Why bother? My vote won't make any difference."

My answer is that according to Harford County folklore, Havre de Grace came within one vote of being selected as the capital of the United States.

One vote can make a difference!

The Republican Party has an outstanding slate of candidates in this election. Each is well qualified and has worked hard to earn your vote.

Please consider them in determining who gets your vote, but most importantly, please vote.


From: Deborah A. Betkey

Bel Air

Have you ever seen a team of rookies in any sport succeed and win against teams of veterans? The Orioles of 1989 sure made a good stab at it, but they were intermingled with a couple of seasoned veteran players. This same basic team faltered in 1990, probably due in part to a lack of proven veteran players.

Do you realize that the potential exists in Harford County to send a team of rookies to the 1991 legislature? This would be devastating to the citizens of this fabulous county. The rookies need the first year to become acquainted with the system; the second year they may be allowed to participate in some mediocre projects. The third year they may be a bit more confident, and possibly be able to have some minor legislation passed, and in the fourth year they would be scrambling to make themselves look good so they can run for re-election.

What does this mean to Harford County? It means a shallow voice in the legislature, and the loss of millions of dollars for education, tax revenues, etc., for the next four years.

So, what do we need? Simple, we need leadership.

Bill Cox is a 20-year veteran of the legislature. As the majority whip, which is the third highest-ranking position in the House of Delegates, Bill Cox knows the system, knows the people, and gets things done for Harford County.

I encourage all voters in District 34 to examine the accomplishments of this gentleman, and cast your vote for William H. Cox Jr. for delegate on Nov. 6.

Without Bill Cox in the legislature, we, the citizens of Harford County, will lose.


From: Rosemary T. Hajek

Bel Air

Words like "politician," "incumbent," "experience" -- what do they really mean? Until a few months ago, these words were just words that I read frequently during election time. Since I decided to get involved in this election, these words now have real meaning. The politicians are real people, and I have experienced the workings behind the scenes of a political campaign.

The word "politician" has a different meaning to me today. I see people who make great personal sacrifices to help our community be a better place to live and raise our families in.

Incumbent and experience -- these are two interesting words. How can someone have experience if they have never served? Incumbent now means to me one who has served and gained valued experience.

Bill Cox is a politician who is also a "real person" and has 20 years of valued experience. Bill holds the position of Maryland's House of Delegates' majority whip. This means that he holds the third most respected seat in the house.

Bill is chairman of the House Transportation Subcommittee. He also is a key member of both the Ways and Means Committee and the Joint Policy Committee. These positions are not just handed to anyone. It takes years to gain the respect of your peers to be appointed to these most important positions.

Voters of Harford County, these important positions will not be filled by newly elected delegates. A vote for Bill Cox ensures that Harford County will not lose out and that these important positions are not appointed to someone with experience from another county.

On Nov. 6, vote for experience, vote for a leader, vote for Bill Cox.


From: Robert Dillon


My frustration over the media's failure to disclose the true facts of Dorothy Stancill's environmental record and her attempt to expend thousands of dollars for glossy mailers to influence voters that she is concerned with the Chesapeake Bay and other environmental issues, has compelled me to express my concern about Dorothy Stancill's bid for the House of Delegates, district 35-A.

In a recent mailer she claims that our Chesapeake Bay is a valuable resource...and we must make every effort to protect it for the citizens of Maryland." However, a look at the environmental actions of Harford Sands, Inc., a corporation that Dorothy Stancill proudly claims to be vice president, proves the old axiom that, "Actions speak louder than words."

In 1988, Harford Sands, Inc. was charged with multiple counts of polluting a tributary to the Chesapeake Bay. Harford Sands, Inc. was fined for that violation.

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