Harford Voters Checklist

November 04, 1990


Eileen M. Rehrmann


Geoffrey R. Close

COUNTY COUNCIL Council President Democrat

Frederick J. Hatem


Jeffrey D. Wilson (I)

District A Democrat

Charles B. Anderson


Susan B. Heselton

District B Democrat

Jeffries Webster


Joanne S. Parrott (I)

District C Democrat

Theresa M. Pierno



District D Democrat

J. Robert Hooper (I)


Barry Glassman

District E Democrat

G. Edward Fielder (I)


Robert S. Wagner

District F Democrat

Philip J. Barker



SHERIFF * Democrat

Robert E. Comes



GENERAL ASSEMBLY State Senate/District 34 Democrat

Habern W. Freeman



State Senate/District 35A Democrat

William H. Amoss(I)


James Cooper

House of Delegates/District 34 (Vote for 3 seats) Democrat

Rose Mary H. Bonsack

William H. Cox Jr.(I)

Mary Louise Preis


David R. Craig

David M. Meadows

Cecil W. Wood

House of Delegates/District 35A (Vote for 2 seats) Democrat

Donald C. Fry

Joseph V. Lutz (I)


James M. Harkins

Dorothy Polek Stancill

CONGRESS 2nd District Democrat

Ronald P. Bowers


Helen Delich Bentley(I)

1st District Democrat

Royden P. Dyson (I)


Wayne Gilchrest

LOCAL BALLOT QUESTIONS Question A (vote yes or no)

This proposal asks voters if they approve or disapprove of amending the county's charter to give the County Council the power to make budget cuts and move the money they cut to a separate reserve contingency fund. The council could only consider moving money from the reserve fund if the county executive proposes legislation to spend it. For the money actually to be spent, a majority of the seven-member council would have to approve the legislation.

Question B (vote yes or no)

This question asks voters if they want to uphold or repeal the county-wide rezoning package the County Council approved in 1989. However, the question essentially concerns zoning for a parcel of land at Route 24 and Tollgate Road because of a contingency law passed by the council.

If voters vote "no" to the referendum question, the contingency law will take effect keeping all rezonings intact, save for zoning on a 200-acre parcel at Route 24 and Tollgate Road that was granted a more intense business zoning. That zoning classification means the site could be developed as a mall or with a similar large-scale project. Zoning for that land would revert to its previous classification, commercial-industrial use, if voters vote down the referendum question.

If voters vote to uphold the new zoning law ("yes" to the ballot question) all rezonings remain intact, including the new business use zoning for the Route 24-Tollgate Road tract.

(I) denotes incumbent

Dominick J. Mele says he has organized a write-in campaign

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