Seriously, We Want To Hear From You


November 04, 1990|By Elizabeth Large

The only problem with having magazine writer Patrick McGuire introduce our reader survey "25 Ways to Make Baltimore Better" on Page 11 is that he didn't take it seriously enough. Ten minutes after I told him about the story, he had come up with 25 of his own solutions for the city -- and none of them was, shall we say, quite as lofty as what I had in mind.

I was hoping that by soliciting suggestions from readers we might get some serious ideas, ideas that might really improve Baltimore. Good ideas that would start the year off right. (We'll print them in the Jan. 6, 1991, issue of the magazine.)

On the other hand, I had to admit that Patrick's ideas were more fun to read than what I had in mind; his piece put the story in a whole different light. Be honest, now: Would you rather read about better mass transit or installing podiatrists at Harborplace?

So send us your funny, whimsical or bizarre suggestions for improving Baltimore. We'll print the best ones. But if we don't get enough good, serious ideas, we'll have to beef up our story by interviewing city planners, local philosophers, sociology professors and politicians.

Frankly, we'd rather hear from you.

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