Stupendous SteakEditor: Like so many Marylanders, reading...


November 04, 1990

Stupendous Steak

Editor: Like so many Marylanders, reading Janice Baker's Dining Out column is part of my Sunday breakfast ritual . . . [in the Sept. 2 issue] Ms. Baker made reference to a steak "Pittsburgh style" and confessed to not being familiar with the term.

"Pittsburgh style" is "black and charred on the outside, red in the middle" and has reference to the coke ovens in the Pittsburgh steel mills. If the chef can handle it properly . . . it just doesn't get any better.

Frank Jones


'Unfounded' Criticism

Editor: I am writing in response to the Dining Out guide review of Grille 58 on Sept. 16. . . . I have always strived to cook with imagination and to make a statement with visuals as well as taste. My cuisine has been described as "masterful" by other critics on your staff. I must add that the review seemed to be concentrating more on the atmosphere than the cuisine. The little attention given to the cuisine closed with a statement about the soft shell crabs, which I believe was entirely unfounded. How can perfectly fresh soft crabs delivered directly from the Eastern Shore of Maryland and under three inches be undesirable? . . .

Richard C. Krause

Executive Chef

Grille 58


Rave Review for Regi's

Editor: Am I missing something? This is the third time, I think, that Regi's restaurant has been overlooked in the Dining Out guide. . . . We've never had a bad meal at Regi's in two years of being fairly frequent patrons. In an era when neighborhood restaurants come and go like ghosts in the night, Regi's is one of the few that have survived more than 10 years in the same neighborhood.

Ruth E. Thaler-Carter


Fixed Prices

Editor: In the recent Dining Out guide, Mara Gormley Proctor reviewed Bolongo Bay restaurant. . . . It is misleading to say that our prices had crept up. The regular menu prices, with over 20 entrees, had not changed at the time she visited for almost two years. We have since had a menu change and some prices are higher than they were, but many are the same as they have been for three years. . . .

Laura Dyas

Bolongo Bay

Severna Park

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