Making Baltimore Better READERS SURVEY

November 04, 1990

HAVE YOU EVER LAIN AWAKE AT NIGHT AND THOUGHT ABOUT HOWmuch better a city Baltimore would be if there were an elevator in the Shot Tower? Or if banjo players were assigned to each MTA bus? Or if they had valet parking at Memorial Stadium? Or if there were a resident podiatrist at Harborplace?

Have you ever thought how neat a place it would be if they had a Po' Folks franchise restaurant right across the street from Edgar Allan Poe's grave? Have you ever worried about there being no cathedral on Cathedral Street? And don't you think it would be just as effective and much less nerve-wracking if the air-raid siren that sounds every Monday at 1 p.m. sounded more like your doorbell or the little bell on your microwave oven?

If you have been losing sleep because brilliant ideas like these have been percolating in your gray matter, we want to hear from you. The Sun Magazine is looking for a few good ideas from its readers on how to make Baltimore a better place. We plan to publish the 25 best ideas in the very first issue of 1991. We promise to spell your name right if we use your idea and to tell the world that you are pretty doggone smart. This should make up for the fact that we aren't going to pay you anything.

Ideas -- in 200 words or less, please -- may range from whimsical to serious, even to those in the Impossible Dream category, such as, "What this town really needs is a solid cleanup hitter for the Orioles who doesn't have a drug problem, a knee problem, an attitude problem or any problem that would require Geritol as a remedy."

So start lying awake right now and think about Baltimore's future. Send your typewritten ideas, postmarked no later than Nov. 30, to Making Baltimore Better, The Sun Magazine, Box 1377, Baltimore, Md. 21278. Please include your name, address and daytime phone number.

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