Around the houseSeason new cast-iron skillet. Coat inside...


November 03, 1990|By Dolly Merritt

Around the house

Season new cast-iron skillet. Coat inside with vegetable oil and heat on top of stove for 10 minutes; allow to cool. Wipe off excess oil and store. Be sure to wash after each use with sudsy water. Do not scour. Rinse with hot water and dry. Lightly oil to prevent rusting.

* Perk up windows quickly. Drape scarves or squares of fabric over curtain rods to create an instant valance. Make throw pillows to match.

* Wipe stainless-steel sink with a damp cloth and dry with a soft cloth after each use. Evaporated water can leave mineral deposits that dull the finish.

* Store sweaters in a minimum amount of space. Fold in half horizontally, overlap sleeves in front and roll into a cylinder. Rolled sweaters take up less room and they are easier to remove when you are ready to wear them.

* Keep edges of pie crust from burning. Use an aluminum pie crust pan from a frozen purchased pie to form a shield for another pie to be baked. Cut out the center so that only the rim remains. Place this aluminum rim on top of pie before baking.

In the garden

Protect weak shrubbery from winter winds with a burlap screen. Healthy bushes usually come through the winter without much injury. Plants that have had diseases or that are in poorly drained beds are especially susceptible to winter injury.

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