Without a win since '63, Navy should end Irish set

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November 02, 1990|By Bill Tanton

HAS THE TIME come for Navy and Notre Dame to end their 63-year-old football rivalry? Of course it has -- and it's sad to have to admit that, if you can remember their storied games of the past. The Middies haven't beaten the Irish since '63. Notre Dame is a five-touchdown favorite in tomorrow's game at the Meadowlands.

"I've seen bigger upsets and so have you," says Navy coach George Chaump. Sorry, George, but I haven't. Navy would go on playing ND forever if only because that and the Army games are its big paydays. Notre Dame ought to call off the mismatch. There's no point to it any longer.

* When the open forum on keeping or eliminating football at Towson State began yesterday, one of the Tigers coaches looked out across the vast sea of faces and said to me, "We ought to tell everybody, 'Now we're going to kick off. This was the only way we could trick this many people into coming to a game.' " If all those people had been attending the games -- and perhaps giving a little money -- the program might not be in jeopardy.

* The Orioles act as if they're doing us a big favor by not raising TTC ticket prices for '91. We all know, however, that a big price hike is coming when the new ballpark opens in '92. What everybody, including the Orioles, forgets is the new park isn't costing the club a dime. They ought to decrease the prices then.

* My guess is that at 5 a.m. tomorrow you'll be doing what I'll be doing -- sleeping. The Baltimore Colts band will be departing by bus from Woodlawn for a visit to the Pro Football Hall of Fame in Canton and a pre-game and halftime appearance Sunday at the Browns-Bills game in Cleveland. The way the Browns are going, I hope they don't send Ernie Accorsi back to Baltimore on the bus with the band.

* In all the furor over the uncertain future of football at Towson State, these salient facts are being overlooked: The Tigers do have a homecoming game tomorrow at 1:30 against the University of New Haven and the Tigers will be trying to win their second straight.

* I liked it this week when I heard Maryland basketball coach Gary Williams, in a radical departure from the negativism emanating from College Park the past four years, say, "We don't want any sympathy from anybody. Not one bit. We have some excellent players and we're going to have some packed houses at Cole Field House. We're happy to be part of the program."

* Baltimore-born and reared Frank Deford, editor of The National, says the problems in college athletics really began when the word "program" replaced varsity.

* Maryland athletic director Andy Geiger has made a hit in his first month on the job. Says one area newsman who's on the Terp beat daily: "Andy is as forthright as his predecessor [Lew Perkins] was secretive." I know I like Geiger. He looks from here like a big-time guy who's going to do enormous good for a troubled institution that needs a lot of help. Maryland's lucky to have him.

* Boy, do I hope ex-Baltimore Bullet Johnny "Red" Kerr makes it into the Basketball Hall of Fame this time. I'll never forget two things about Red. One was the night Bullets coach Paul Seymour "forgot" to put Kerr in a game at the Civic Center and ended Red's NBA record 844 consecutive game streak. The other was the time Red's wife told him, "I can't believe the way you stay in shape in the offseason, playing softball for an hour and a half and then drinking beer for four hours." Said Kerr, "Yeah, but suppose we didn't play the softball?"

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