General Assembly

November 02, 1990

In the 6th Legislative District, we favor Leslie Hutchinson -- a hard-working Democratic newcomer who will bring fresh perspectives and political energy to Annapolis. We also endorse incumbents Michael Weir and Farrell Maddox. In the 7th District House race, we favor Majority Leader John Arnick, a valuable veteran legislator, and Connie Galiazzo -- another Democratic newcomer whose concern, credibility and knowledge would be a welcome addition to the delegation. Incumbent Lou DePazzo's negativism has eroded his effectiveness. But the GOP has failed to field a viable challenger. So we endorse DePazzo's bid for re-election, with the hope that he become more of a team player.

In the 8th District Senate race, incumbent Thomas Bromwell is a better choice than Republican William Rush. In the House, we support incumbents Donna Felling and William Burgess. Del. Joseph Bartenfelder, however, lacks the vision to lead a changing district. We prefer Alfred Redmer, a grass-roots activist who offers a needed Republican voice.

In the 9th District, Republican Del. Martha Klima and Democratic Del. Michael Gisriel seem out of touch with the problems and concerns of their increasingly diverse and ever-more urban constituency. In this close race, we favor Democratic challengers Charlie Culbertson and Gerry Brewster, both of whom will bring integrity, experience and commitment to constituent service. We also support Republican incumbent John Bishop.

In the 9th District Senate race, incumbent Vernon Boozer is our choice over Democrat Kauko Kokkonen. In the Senate race in the 10th, we support Janice Piccinini. In the House race, we favor Minority Leader Ellen Sauerbrey, a strong fiscal conservative whose expertise is needed in Annapolis, and Bob Ehrlich, a competent and politically savvy delegate who remains tuned in to constituent concerns. We are especially impressed with the quiet, reasoned competence of Democratic challenger Ellery "Woody" Woodworth, a former lobbyist whose intellect and advocacy experience will be invaluable to the district. We favor Woodworth over incumbent Wade Kach.

In the 11th District House race, we support Democratic incumbents Richard Rynd and Ted Levin. Leon Albin, however, has been too narrowly focused. We prefer Republican Ella White Campbell, a strong community activist who will be an effective voice for the Liberty Road corridor. In the 12th District Senate race, Republican challenger Dennis Lanahan is vastly outclassed by Democrat Nancy Murphy -- a capable and responsive legislator who has earned voters' support.

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