Learn How To Help The Addicted

November 02, 1990

The city of Annapolis is holding free workshops for people who want to help someone with a drug or alcohol problem.

Beginning tomorrow, two alcohol and drug abuse counselors will hold three-hour seminars on intervention, a process of getting alcoholics and addicts to enter treatment by confronting them with the damage their substance abuse has done to themselves and those around them.

"Many people recover from chemical addiction," a pamphlet for the workshops says. "But often only after they've lost their families, their friends, their job, their self-respect. An intervention seeks to raise this 'bottom.' " Counselors Art Harris of Alcohol and Drug Recovery Ltd., and Patty Hartge, of the National Institute for the Christian Family, will lead the workshops, which are sponsored by Alcohol and Drug Recovery and the city's Drug Policy Office.

"They're a great team," said city Drug Policy Coordinator Eric Avery.

The program is the same for all the workshops. About two hours will be devoted to lectures and videos, and one hour to role-playing and psycho-drama.

Each seminar will be held from 9 a.m. until noon. Tomorrow's workshop will be held at the Parenting Place at the Harbour House Community Center in Eastport.

On Nov. 10, a workshop will be held at the city's Drug Policy Office in the national cemetery at 800 West St. On Nov. 17, the workshop will be held at Alcohol and Drug Recovery Ltd., 33 Parole Plaza, Suite 205.

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