What the experts would tell Lois and Clark

November 02, 1990|By Knight-Ridder News Service

Zsa Zsa Gabor wishes them luck. Marvin Mitchelson is issuing pre-nuptial advice. And Dr. Ruth? Heck, she won't even discuss it.

It's that engagement between Lois Lane and Clark Kent. We asked experts whether this couple is headed down the aisle, down the road or down the tubes.

"Because he'll be out and about, Lois will eventually wonder about his whereabouts," says advice columnist Jeff Zaslow. "He's going to have trouble explaining what's on his collar and where his clothes are."

Margery D. Rosen, a columnist for Ladies' Home Journal: "She might not understand the abrupt departures. She can only jump to the wrong conclusions. But, that aside, my experience is that a second job is only a problem if he doesn't carry his weight. More marriages get in trouble over dirty pots and pans and laundry not getting done than anything else."

Another serious issue is Lois being in the dark about Clark's other identity. "It's sort of like having a husband who's gay. It's a secret of that magnitude," figures Mr. Zaslow. "It's time he came out of the phone booth."

He'll be glad he did. This is about trust, says Sandra Lyness, a clinical psychologist in Michigan. "Not telling won't necessarily break up the marriage, but it might interfere with the trust bond. But if he lets her in on the secret, it forms a close bond. She shares his specialness."

Attorney Marvin Mitchelson recommends against a prenuptial agreement. "It's very unromantic... Plus this [Clark Kent's income] is the salary of a reporter. There's no need for a prenup, there's no money there."

And says eight-time bride Zsa Zsa Gabor: "Tell Clark if he thinks it's difficult being Superman, it's time he tried marriage."

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