BG&E offers plan to save energy costs

November 02, 1990

Baltimore Gas and Electric Co. is offering to cut $16 a year off the bill for customers who are willing to let the utility company turn off their water heaters occasionally.

The new program involves the installation of control switches on residential electric hot water heaters. This switch will allow BG&E to turn off the electricity to the heaters for no more than six hours at a time. Service interruptions, limited to a maximum of 12 times a year, will allow BG&E to better manage electrical use during periods of peak demand, the company said.

In return, BG&E customers will receive a $16 credit, divided into $4 increments in the June, July, August and September bills.

The offer is part of BG&E's Energy Manager Program, which already includes the installation of control switches on heat pumps and central air conditioners. The more than 80,000 BG&E customers who have these radio-controlled devices receive a $40 annual credit on their bills.

The company said even when the electricity to the water heater is cut off, customers will still have the hot water that is left in the tank. "In many instances, the effect will go unnoticed," said Ed Skoglin, manager of marketing and energy services for BG&E.

Installation of the switch is free. For information, call marketing and energy at 1-800-666-5183.

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