Figuring your taxes

It's your call

November 02, 1990

More than half of The Evening Sun readers and other callers to Sundial said that they do not rely on a professional to prepare their taxes, but do their returns themselves.

One hundred and seventy-two of 303 callers said they fill out the forms themselves or get a relative or friend to do it.

Next year, 162 of the 286 callers said they plan to do the same.

Of the 303 callers, 30 said they hired a tax preparation service to do their return.

Thirty-two of 286 said they planned to use a service next time.

Of the 303 callers, 101 said they have an accountant who prepared their last return, and 92 of 286 callers said they will use an accountant next time.

"It's Your Call" represents a sampling of opinion but is not a scientific poll. Its results should not be construed as having scientific accuracy.

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