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November 01, 1990

Now's the Time

Editor: The time is now for us to take our government back (both state and federal) from a government of the PACs, by the PACs and for the PACs and return it to one "of the people, by the people and for the people."

We are not in a position to do it with money, but we can do it with our votes.

One does not have to be a genius to realize who our elected officials represent, when 60 percent to 90 percent of the money they spend to win re-election, year after year, is supplied by the PACs or special-interest groups through their lobbyists. Now is the time for a change.

One elected official was overheard to say he doesn't need financial support from his constituents, all he needs from them is their votes. So we the voters do have control. All we need to do is exercise it to elect those who are not controlled by the special interests.

Then and only then will our government become the body representing us, the average citizens and taxpayers. We constitute the majority in this state and this nation, but we must vote to be heard. The time is now.

W. Pittman.


Pro-Light Rail

Editor: The need for more and better public transportation has been talked about for a long time. Despite the strong opposition to the proposed light-rail system that will run from Hunt Valley through the Timonium-Lutherville corridor to downtown, I fully support this step in the right direction. The governor and Baltimore County deserve to be commended for their courageous action in seeing this project through.

I think it will work fine and save thousands of motorists the frustrating drive downtown during rush hour. There are too many automobiles on the roads anyway, polluting the environment and using an enormous amount of energy. We are so desperately dependent on the Mideast for our oil supplies that this dependency makes us vulnerable economically. Not to mention the great harm we are doing to our environment.

However, these are not the only benefits a better transportation system will provide to the state. Many people are hindered from getting jobs because of inadequate transportation. People who do not own cars must work only where other viable forms of public transportation can take them.

Middle-class professionals, who own cars, would prefer not to work downtown because of the extended drive and parking problems. The light-rail system would provide more job opportunities for all people and would help the Maryland economy.

I hope that other states throughout the country have the vision to aggressively pursue more transportation modes like the light-rail system here in Maryland. To move into the 21st century, we need not only this vision but the means to get there.

Ulrich Kniep.


No Statues

Editor: The recent article about burying a religious statue in the yard to sell a house illustrates that real estate agents will do anything for a sale.

The article notes that people have been burying statues for some time. Publishing it in The Sun suggests it is fashionable and accepted. I suppose that business and marketing acumen, logical systems, pall before superstition which is otherwordly and exciting. The next step is chicken sacrifice to get a pro football team. Move over dark ages, here come the '90s.

Bob Kambic.


Tax Questions

Editor: How come a 4 percent tax cap proposed by Baltimore County government is okay, but a 2 percent tax cap proposed by Baltimore County taxpayers would be a disaster?

How come a 4 percent cap will not bother any essential county services, but a 2 percent cap will negatively impact all essential county services?

How come opponents of the 2 percent cap say that fire, police, senior and education funding will be cut, but never suggest that executive staff, cars, salary, perks and unnecessary appointment jobs be cut or eliminated?

The answer is fairly simple. The opponents of the tax cap proposal don't want any limitation on government income because they want to continue government spending as they see fit and the people can be damned. The so-called ''servants of the people'' have now become the ''masters of the people'' and they are doing everything possible to scare the people into voting against the tax cap proposal.

The county government is much like the U.S. Congress in that each is lacking in the discipline needed to control government growth. They both are incapable of cutting government costs.

The only way to control the cost of government is to limit the income that government has to spend. The proposed tax cap will accomplish this and won't require essential service cuts. The tax cap question should be approved.

John C. Coolahan.


The writer is a District Court judge in Baltimore County.


Editor: I found your editorial comments about Del. Ellen Sauerbrey to be most surprising and telling about your apparent limited knowledge of the 10th District.

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