Realtors say tax cap is a bad ideaAfter much debate over...

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October 31, 1990

Realtors say tax cap is a bad idea

After much debate over the 2 percent tax cap in Baltimore County, the board of directors of the Greater Baltimore Board of Realtors has voted not to support Question "T" on the November ballot. The board realizes that immediate changes must be made to the tax structure, but it does not recommend unrealistic tax caps as an effective means of dealing with the problem.

In other jurisdictions where impractical tax caps have been implemented, both commercial and residential development have been severely curtailed to the detriment of the local tax base.

Two major concerns expressed by members of the board were && that the 2 percent cap would result in a lower quality of life in Baltimore County by requiring the elimination or significant reduction of essential government services, and that various nuisance taxes may be imposed to cover lost property tax revenues.

The board urges county and state lawmakers to immediately reform the tax structure in Baltimore County to ensure property tax equity. But while a tax cap may look like a positive first step to reducing taxes, the cost to taxpayers could be even higher in the long run.

Brandon F. Gaines

The writer is president of the Greater Baltimore Board of Realtors

No endorsement

An Oct. 19 story in The Evening Sun reflected several comments that I do believe are inaccurate. As the current senator for the 5th District, and a Republican, I have not endorsed the campaign of either the Republican or the Democratic candidates in the general election.

During the 1990 session of the Maryland General Assembly I was a pro-choice legislator. I voted for the pro-choice legislation introduced by Senators Paula Hollinger and Barbara Hoffman. I BTC continue to feel strongly for the pro-choice movement in the state and the country. I serve on the advisory board for Republicans for Choice. During the primary I accepted the endorsement of pro-choice groups, I accepted financial support, accepted the effort of pro-choice volunteers on my behalf.

Although I will not be in a position to vote on any pro-choice legislation in future legislative sessions, I will continue to be a strong supporter of a woman's right to choose.

Because of my strong outspoken statements on behalf of the pro-choice movement, some members of the press have assumed that I have endorsed the Democrat challenger for this seat. This is not true. I have not contributed money to his campaign nor have I recruited volunteers for his effort.

Sharon W. Hornberger


Farewell fair Duncan

I was genuinely disappointed to learn we would no longer be reading Scott Duncan's music reviews in The Evening Sun. His never boring, humanistic reviews had a sense of integrity and provided an accurate estimation of the diverse types of music events he attended.

Mr. Duncan could be counted on to be fair to all.

Vivian Adelberg Rudow


The people's choice

I feel that I must comment on your Oct. 15 article by Larry Carson quoting Republican candidates criticizing Baltimore County Council candidate Vince Gardina as betraying his independent past by running on the Democratic Party slate in the general election.

The Republican Party would love to get a foothold in the 5th District, and I am sure it upsets the party greatly when Democrats run with other Democrats on a united Democratic slate.

Vince Gardina ran as an independent Democrat, and when he won the Democratic primary, he became the people's choice as our Democratic candidate for County Council.

As a councilman, Vince Gardina will continue to use his independent judgment to serve the best interests of all his constituents in the Perry Hall, Essex and Middle River areas.

Mr. Gardina ran as a Democrat, he won the primary election as a Democrat, and to the chagrin of the Republican Party, he will be elected as a Democrat.

$Edmund C. Dotterweich Jr.

V The writer is chairman, Baltimore County Democratic Central Committee. Official abuses

Regarding reporter Laura Lippman's recent series of articles, "Nightmare for families," I do not consider false allegations of abuse to be as infrequent as Secretary Colvin has suggested.

A glaring example is L.J. v. Massinga. During the trial, it was discovered that the department covered up hundreds of incidents of felony child abuse which occurred in agency foster care. These acts of abuse, which can only be described as atrocities, continued in some cases for years ` while the so-called child protection workers did nothing.

The citizens of the state of Maryland continue to pay the price for the incompetence and poor management throughout the department.

David R. Hodge


Chartley's thanks

I wish to pass along the thoughts expressed to and felt by me to all the participants in the efforts to help Chartley recover from the effects of the tornado that passed through. To all the police, ++ fire, rescue, tree service and BG&E workers and to volunteers and helpful passersby, our sincere thanks for the excellent job.

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