Legislative races

October 31, 1990

The key issues that will confront Anne Arundel County's delegation in the next General Assembly involve choices about the environment, growth and transportation.

In the 30th District Senate contest, two-term incumbent Gerald Winegrad is easily the stronger candidate. In the House races, we support Democratic incumbent Del. John Astle and newcomer Edith Segree, an environmentalist with experience as legislative aide on the County Council. For the third seat, we recommend Aris Allen, a former Republican state senator and candidate for lieutenant governor.

In District 31 we cannot in conscience endorse either party's nominee for the Senate. Democrat Philip C. Jimeno's role in tying the General Assembly in knots over abortion this year -- and his stated readiness to rejoin the filibuster crowd next year if given the chance -- make him simply unacceptable in a state where a majority of voters favor choice. Republican John Leopold, on the other hand, has so confused matters with George Bush-style, finger-in-the-wind gyrations that voters have no way of telling where he stands on the abortion issue. In the 31st District House races, we favor Democrats W. Ray Huff and Joan Cadden, and Republican Evelyn O. Kampmeyer.

There are no contested elections in the 32nd District. In District 33, Sen. John A. Cade is unopposed and the three House incumbents, Republicans John G. Gary and Elizabeth S. Smith, and Democrat Marsha G. Perry, face only weak opposition. Voters should return this delegation intact for another term.

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