Fletcher Goes To Forum

October 31, 1990

Bob Fletcher, school board member and candidate for re-election, attended a forum at the Fairhaven Retirement Community Oct. 23.

After a general presentation, he discussed with residents the need to reduce class size in the county, which ranks 23rd out of 24 subdivisions in the state in pupil-staff ratio.

Although calling himself a fiscal conservative, Fletcher said he wants to be realistic in his assessment of educational needs so that county children can receive the best education possible.

He also attended the Republican fund-raising dinner Oct. 21 sponsored by the Taneytown Women's Club.


Delegate Richard N. Dixon, D-Carroll, has begun his final campaign swing through the district, visiting each town, meeting voters, listening to their concerns and answering their questions.

In addition to his door-to-door visits, Dixon attended a number of informal meetings over coffee given by his supporters. A number of campaign volunteer workers also accompanied him.

Dixon also was endorsed by The Baltimore Sun, which said, "Mr. Dixon is a strong advocate of conservative fiscal policies. He amply deserves another term."

During earlier campaign tours, Dixon stressed his record of accomplishment in the last eight years. Education, the economy, environment, crime and penalties for criminals are the issues of concern to voters of the district, he said.

Dixon said he has worked to see that there are adequate educational opportunities and facilities for the county's youth.

He will continue to support legislation that is a hallmark of his fiscal approach. He has said that he does not see any need for a tax increase at this time and will work to prevent huge increases in property tax assessments.

He will continue to support initiatives that will enable Carroll countians to exceed recycling quotas for the county.

Dixon has expressed the need for all citizens in the county, whatever their party affiliation, to exercise their right to vote on Nov. 6.


Jeff Griffith, Democratic candidate for District 5, Carroll, Baltimore, has received the endorsement of the Baltimore County Chamber of Commerce (Business and Commerce PAC).

In another endorsement, The Baltimore Sun said it "strongly recommends a vote for Democrat J. Jeffrey Griffith in District 5. Mr.

Griffith . . . has done an outstanding job as a two-term commissioner, advocating planned growth, regional cooperation and responsible tax policies to underwrite new services."

Griffith also received other endorsements from the Maryland Horse Breeders Association Inc., Health Facilities Association of Maryland, m-pact (Business & Professional Womens Association) and Clean Water Action.

In a personal statement of support, Maryland State Comptroller Louis L. Goldstein said, "I'm happy to endorse Jeffrey Griffith, candidate for state senator. His years of active community involvement in Carroll County will make him a powerful voice representing Carroll County residents in Annapolis."


Republican Senate candidate Larry E. Haines has maintained a steady course of addressing the issues in his bid for the 5th District seat, placing "principles before personalities."

At a Chamber of Commerce forum, Haines stressed the issue of government fiscal mismanagement. He spoke at the Fairhaven Retirement Community, receiving the strong support of resident Ethel Cable.

He also has had his final fund-raiser and rallied campaign workers by giving organization endorsers a platform to announce their support.

Haines has received the support of Senate Minority Leader Jack Cade, who said "the Senate desperately needs strong Republicans like Larry -- send him there to help me!"

Caleb Ewing, of the largest pro-business association in Maryland, said Haines "will cultivate a healthy environment for the small business community."

Other support has come from John O'Neal of the Baltimore County Fire Chiefs and Mike Smith, a representative of the Maryland State Trooper's Association.


Francis X. Walsh, a Westminster attorney and candidate in the primary election for the State Senate from District 5, Carroll and Baltimore counties, has said that following his defeat by Jeff Griffith Sept. 11, he was sought out by Republicans who asked him to influence Democrats to vote Republican in the general election senate race.

A lifelong Democrat, Walsh refused the Republicans, instead, lending his support to Griffith.

"Although Mr. Griffith and I may differ on some issues, I have concluded that Mr. Griffith's qualifications, experience in government and grasp of the legislative issues far exceed those of his opponent," Walsh said.

"The diversity of the Democratic Party in providing room for persons of all interests and walks of life has been the party's bulwark to which I subscribe," he said, adding that "Griffith will do the better job for those of us in District 5."


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