For attorney general

October 30, 1990

To say that Edward L. Blanton Jr., the GOP candidate for state attorney general, is a refreshing return to traditional Republicanism in Maryland is the understatement of the year in this turbulent political time. For much of the 1980s -- the Reagan era -- the state's party machinery was dominated by ideologues whose philosophy reflected a curious hostility to regulation of economic forces but a busybody determination to regulate people's personal affairs by dictating their cultural tastes or telling them how many children they must have.

Instead, Ed Blanton comes right out of the mold of such progressive Republicans as Theodore Roosevelt McKeldin, Rogers C. B. Morton and Charles McC. Mathias. His ideas of how government is supposed to work are sound and practical, and we would be gratified to see him one day become attorney general.

Unfortunately, that day is not in 1991, because the incumbent attorney general, J. Joseph Curran, is a man of exceptional integrity, diligence and forthrightness. In general there must be a reason to turn an incumbent out of office, and Joe Curran most assuredly has provided no such reason. We urge Joe Curran's re-election -- while expressing the hope that we have not heard the last of the promising Republican, Ed Blanton.

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