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October 30, 1990|By The following accounts were compiled by reporter Richard Irwin from police records in the Baltimore area yesterday and today.

Baltimore City

ROBBERY: Northwestern District -- Rochelle Lemon, 27, of the 3300 block of Dorithan Road, reported she was standing at a bus stop in the 2700 block of Hilton St. around 8:30 p.m. yesterday when two men, one with a handgun, robbed her of her purse containing a $25 money order and other property worth about $75.

CAB HOLDUP: Northeastern District -- Earl Ellinger, 45, a driver for Overlea Cab Co., reported he was in the 5100 block of Goodnow Road around 7 a.m. yesterday when his fare, a woman, ordered him to stop and struck him with a vase, causing a laceration to his right eye and arm. The woman then robbed Ellinger of $32 and ran away.

ARREST: Northeastern District -- A resident of the 2700 block of Fenwick Ave. called police yesterday when a man attempted to break into her home through a bedroom window. Police arrived and arrested the man, who was being held pending attempted burglary charges.

ROBBERY: Northeastern District -- Carol Pfaff, of the 5600 block of Arabia Ave., reported she was in the 4700 block of Harford Road yesterday when a man pushed her to the ground and stole her property. Later, police arrested a suspect and recovered the property. He was being held pending charges.

ARREST: Northeastern District -- Police responding to a burglary in progress at Danny's Belair House in the 6500 block of Belair Road arrested a man who was attempting to gain entry to the building. Police said the man, a resident of the 4200 block of Belair Road, was being held at the Eastern District lockup pending charges.

THEFT: Northeastern District -- Officials of Al Packer Jeep-Eagle in the 5800 block of Belair Road reported that someone broke into a parked vehicle on the lot and stole a new tire and wheel, together valued at $300.

THEFT: Northeastern District -- Sherry Gilyard, of the 3200 block of Elmora Ave., told police that someone broke into her parked 1976 Buick in the 3900 block of Erdman Ave. yesterday afternoon and stole her coat, valued at more than $300.

THEFT: Northeastern District -- Janette Foertsch, of the 3800 block of Kimble Road, reported that someone broke into her parked car near her home yesterday and stole her purse, with a loss estimated at nearly $200.

BURGLARY: Northeastern District -- A resident of the 5000 block of Truesdale Ave. reported that someone broke into his home through the kitchen window and stole property valued at nearly $1,200.

ROBBERY: Northeastern District -- Augustus Roberts, of the 1800 block of E. 28th St., reported he was in the 2700 block of Harford Road around 6 p.m. yesterday when two men, one with a handgun, accosted him and robbed him of nearly $130.

THEFT: Northeastern District -- Jeffrey Lawrence, of the 2800 block of Erdman Ave., reported that someone entered his back yard and stole his dog. Later, police arrested and charged Anthony Louden, of the 2700 block of Tivoly Ave.

ROBBERY: Northeastern District -- Herman Lee, of the 5100 block of Harford Road, reported that two men, one with a pistol, robbed him of nearly $30 last evening while he was walking in the 2800 block of Harford Road.

ROBBERY: Northeastern District -- Police were seeking three men, at least one of whom was armed with a handgun, after they entered an apartment in the 4900 block of Goodnow Road shortly before 9 o'clock last night and robbed two women there. Christine Clark, a resident of the apartment, lost $60 in cash and property. Her guest, Jennifer Clark, of the 1000 block of Greenmount Ave., was robbed of cash and property, all valued at nearly $540.

THEFT: Northeastern District -- Police reported that more than a dozen teen-agers stole at least two dozen containers of a fruit drink from the Loch Raven Exxon service station in the 1500 block of E. Northern Parkway. The loss was estimated at nearly $16.

BURGLARY: Northeastern District -- Police reported that someone broke into a dwelling in the 3600 block of Rexmere Road and stole a stereo turntable, a VCR and several VCR tapes, all valued at nearly $1,300. There was no sign of forced entry.

ROBBERY: Northeastern District -- Matthew Atkinson, of the 4800 block of Gilray Drive, told police he was in the 2500 block of Hermosa Ave. late last evening when two men robbed him of nearly $250 at gunpoint.

THEFT: Northeastern District -- Edwina Murray, of the 1600 block of Montpelier St., reported that someone entered her home early yesterday and stole stereo equipment valued at $400. The victim suspects an acquaintance and was advised to swear out an arrest warrant.

BREAK-IN/ARRESTS: Western District -- Police responding to a break-in at the Lorman House Lounge in the 1300 block of N. Fulton Ave. arrested two men inside. Charges were pending.

ROBBERY: Western District -- Lauren Fuqua, of the 1300 block of Myrtle Ave., reported she was walking in the 1100 block of Winchester St. early yesterday when two men accosted her and robbed her of her jacket, value unknown.

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