Votes for Baltimore's Vitality Election '90

October 30, 1990

Baltimore City is such a Democratic stronghold that general elections are mere ratifications of one-party rule. This year is no exception.

It is a deplorable situation. It gives democracy a bad name. The Republican Party ought to sponsor quality candidates and give voters a choice. This should be the GOP's top agenda item in terms of the 1991 city elections.

Meanwhile, city voters have important choices to make on bond issues totaling $32.2 million. Baltimore City's continued vitality depends on the passage of those issues, which have been divided into eight separate questions.

Question A would authorize the city to borrow $6 million to finance community development block grants and neighborhood improvements.

Question B would channel $4 million to the non-profit Baltimore Community Development Financing Corp., which devises financing packages for the sale and restoration of vacant houses.

Question C would enable Bon Secours Hospital, a key West Baltimore institution and employer, to borrow $2 million to complete its $16.5 million renovation program.

Question D asks voters to approve the city's $7.5 million share of developing the Port Covington Business Park, which is expected to provide jobs for 8,000 people and generate $5 million in tax revenues. One of its anchors is The Baltimore Sun's new printing and distribution facility.

Question E asks for $2 million to remove asbestos from municipal buildings.

Question F would finance $4 million worth of commercial and industrial loans to retain existing businesses and to attract new ones.

Question G would permit $2.7 million worth of improvements to recreation and parks facilities, including repairs to Lake Roland Dam.

Question H would allocate $4 million to school repairs, including 12 roof replacements.

Voters should approve loans for all these worthy projects.

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