King says Douglas won't get another shot at Tyson

October 29, 1990|By Earl Gutskey | Earl Gutskey,Los Angeles Times

Don King, promoter of former heavyweight champion Mike Tyson, said that there will be no Buster Douglas-Tyson rematch.

"Absolutely not," King said, commenting on Douglas' loss of the heavyweight title to Evander Holyfield Thursday night.

"If Douglas had given Holyfield a great fight, and gone out like a tiger and lost and everyone had said: 'Wow, what a fight!' then sure, I would've made that fight right away, while we wait for a shot at Holyfield or [George] Foreman.

"But after that disgraceful exhibition Thursday, who would want to see Buster fight anybody now?"

Had Douglas beaten Holyfield, King and Steve Wynn, president of The Mirage in Las Vegas, would have co-promoted Douglas-Tyson II.

Tyson will fight Alex Stewart Dec. 8 in Atlantic City, N.J. If Tyson wins, King said he would not take another fight until he meets the Holyfield-Foreman winner.

Why did the Holyfield camp want a Foreman fight before one against Tyson?

"Because Foreman isn't getting any younger [he's 42], and also we agreed to the fight before the Douglas fight and also because feel Evander would win and that that would make a Holyfield-Tyson fight that much bigger," said Shelly Finkel, Holyfield's adviser.

"Because of what Buster did, I'm not sure the Holyfield-Foreman fight is going to be the box office smash people think . . . I'm not sure the public will buy two blimps in a row."

Nonetheless, King picks Foreman to win a fight against Holyfield.

"I give Foreman a great chance, because he can really punch and Holyfield attracts punches like a nail attracts a hammer," King said. "If George busts Holyfield on the chops with one of those uppercuts, it's goodbye, Evander."

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