Man killed by falling treetop

October 29, 1990

A 42-year-old Baltimore County man died when a broken tree, which he had planned to cut down after it was severely damaged during a storm earlier this month, fell on him in his back yard.

Robert Millard Mohr, of the 1200 block of Brookview Road, northeast of Towson, was pronounced dead at the scene yesterday after the top of the tree, which stood 45 to 50 feet tall, broke and struck him on the head and side and crushed him, police said.

The victim's teen-age son witnessed the tragedy, police said.

"It [the tree] twisted and struck him," said Officer John Kilgore.

According to police, at about 2 p.m. Mohr was standing in his back yard at the base of another tree. The tree that struck Mohr had almost been broken during the storm and its top leaned against the second tree, police said.

Police said Mohr was planning to cut down the tree when it broke. A power saw was lying nearby.

On Oct. 18, a storm produced a tornado that struck the Reisterstown community, uprooting trees and lifting the roofs from houses and apartment units and causing nearly $10 million in damages. Dozens of families were left homeless.

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