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October 29, 1990

High taxes

We the citizens of Maryland will be in deep trouble if Governor Schaefer is re-elected! We now are burdened with the fourth highest tax rate in the United States. I'm sure our governor with his reckless spending habits will raise our tax rate to the highest in the country. Not only that, but William Donald will be one of the highest paid governors. There is no reason for a state the size of Maryland having such high taxes.

Cole Riddle


Mental health cuts

Voters of Baltimore County should consider carefully the repercussions if the 2 percent cap on property taxes passes. Services everyone depends upon could be cut.

In the area of mental health, the Baltimore County Mental Health Advisory Board, a voluntary citizen committee, has worked for an expansion of mental health services, including 24-hour mental health emergency services, services to families and children, outreach programs for the elderly, community mental health clinics and community rehabilitation programs.

Reducing funds would make it difficult to serve the needs of the elderly, children and families. Community mental health programs also provide for the uninsured and the under-insured, who have no other resources for these services.

The Bureau of Mental Health of Baltimore County had 2,083 new admissions in fiscal year 1990, and a total of more than 60,000 visits. Of these, 63 percent, or some 38,000 visits, were by patients who neither qualified for medical assistance nor could afford the clinic fee of $72. Without access to county services, these individuals would have gone untreated, putting them at high risk for continuing dysfunction within their families and society.

Joan King Sachs

The writer is chairperson of the Baltimore County Mental Health B Advisory Council.

Throw 'em out?

On reading Jack Germond and Jules Witcover's front-page article, "Givin' 'em the boot silly or serious?" (The Evening Sun Oct. 22), I wouldn't be so unthinking as to vote all incumbents out of office. This is a lazy voter's decision. Some of our representatives deserve to be re-elected because they have cast votes in the best interest of the majority of their constituents.

Helen Delich Bentley is a good example. She should not be punished for the dereliction of other incumbents. Voters should examine the voting record of each and every candidate, make a thinking decision, then cast a thinking vote.

We should not make a "clean sweep." That would be throwing out the good with the bad.

Blanche K. Coda


Women in war

In a recent letter, Ian Wilson implied that women who demand to be treated as equal partners with men should also be treated as equals when it comes to defending their country (Forum, Oct 9). Plenty of women are already in the military defending their country and would go into combat if the military and Congress allowed it.

In Panama, women fought in combat although they were not given combat medals or combat pay. Women have also given their lives for this country in every war the United States has participated in.

My son is a Marine serving in Saudi Arabia. No mother wants her son to come home in a body bag. However, if I had a daughter in the Middle East I would feel the same and worry just as much. Both men and women serve in important roles as support and risk being killed serving their country.

So, Mr. Wilson, if you want to see women in combat, tell Congress and the military, not us. I for one agree that all people should serve their country. Too long women have been denied the right to fully participate in all military functions.

The real victims in a war are all who die and those who are left to grieve. It is peace we must strive for, not war. In war no one really wins.

Sharon A. Jandorf


Bad news, good news, bad news

Concerning Mike Klingaman's series of articles comparing girls' sports in Baltimore city and county (Evening Sun, Oct. 16 17, 18), I've got bad news, good news and bad news.

First, the bad news. Your story reminded me of a football game, 35 years ago, between Douglass and Patterson.

Back in the '50's, Patterson was a powerhouse. Everybody had a brand-new uniform and, in those days, everybody on the team was white. The Douglass team, on the other hand, was all black. About 10 minutes into the game, one of the Douglass players was injured. As he was carried off the field, his replacement ran to the stretcher to get his helmet. Douglass had only 11 helmets.

It appears the only thing we've accomplished in 35 years is to change the focus of our discrimination.

Now the good news. It's quite likely the statistical differences between city and county girls' sports programs will decrease dramatically over the next year.

The bad news is it will be the result of Baltimore County's 2 percent tax cap referendum.

Buzz Chriest


Jewish self-defense

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