Hospital Donation In Hunts' Memory

Community notes

October 29, 1990

Charity begins at home. Home for the Hunt family of Brooklyn Park, however, has been Harbor Hospital Center for at least three generations and 40 years.

The late Irene Hunt and her husband Donald, of Brooklyn Park, devoted 36 years of service to the institution; she, as a night supervisor, and he, a security guard.

Their children, too, have had positions varying from secretarial to nursing. Feeling such affection for the institution, the Hunt children and grandchildren have donated a generous gift to the hospital's Modernization Fund in memory of their parents.

The Modernization Fund was launched by HHC's Board of Trustees to expand and modernize the hospital's facilities. To date, the $6.75 million drive is within 3 percent of its goal. Although corporate giving, along with donations from employees, trustees and physicians has greatly contributed to the fund, individual gifts, such as the Hunts', have enhanced the campaign.

Many individuals who have given are grateful patients, parents who enjoy and rely on HHC's Sick Child Day Care Service or relatives and friends of the Harbor Hospital family.

Janet Smith, the Hunts' daughter, of Ferndale, says her family gave because of her mother's devotion to the hospital. She remembers the hospital when both she and her mother worked for the institution. "We were a family," she said. "We knew everybody and we communicated. We helped each other no matter which unit needed help."

It was this spirit of family that still prevails for Smith's other relatives, including Nancy Wieczynski, a secretary. Their gift, combined with others, will enable the hospital to provide the best health care possible.

The Hunt family was among names to appear on Harbor Hospital Center's Donor Wall, unveiled recently at a reception earlier this month.

If you would like to make a contribution to the Modernization Fund in memory of your loved one, call 347-3625 or write the Development Office, 3001 S. Hanover St., Baltimore, Md. 21230. Names will be continue to be added to the wall.

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