Letters to the editor

Letters to the editor

October 28, 1990

Griffith's schedule

From: Archie C. Allgire


The "Minute Book" shows that Commissioner Jeff Griffith missed 54 agenda days since July 1988 -- this is out of 207 scheduled agenda days.

In other words, he has been absent (made no appearance at all) for more than 25 percent of the agenda days, which are set up for Tuesdays and Thursdays under the current Commissioners' schedule.

The "Minute Book" reflects credit for the day, if only a short appearance is made.

This is the same Jeff Griffith for whom the highest-paid lobbyist in the General Assembly of Maryland -- Barriano -- was a principal sponsor of a fund-raiser held in Westminster within the past week at $100 a plate.

Count one vote for Mr. Barriano, whatever cause he may be championing.

Also, this is the same Jeff Griffith for whose "primary" campaign Gov.

William Donald Schaefer contributed over $3,000. Griffith had a $50 fund-raiser at the home of -- you guessed it -- Developer Marty Hill on Sunday, Oct. 21.

So, Carroll countians and Baltimore County voters, you decide if you want this man to be your senator and to represent your interests at Annapolis.


From: Sharon W. Hornberger

Westminster Recently the Federal Election Commission (FEC) released its findings in regard to the inquiry requested by certain members of the Carroll County Republican Central Committee.

These members had requested that the FEC review all reports filed by the federal account for correctness and full compliance with the FEC regulations.

Now that that account has been resolved I am free to speak openly and frankly.

While the inquiry was in progress, I was prohibited by federal regulations from discussing information regarding the inquiry. Certain of my fellow members blatantly disregarded these regulations and took the opportunity of my compelled silence to blacken my name and regularly spoke with members of the press regarding this inquiry.

In fact, these same members spoke with whomever would give them an ear in this regard.

What I could not say then, I will say now.

Never was it alleged by the FEC that I had done anything wrong. Never during the inquiry was I the focus of the inquiry. No violations were alleged against me and at the end of the inquiry process no charges were brought against me. My standing in the FEC inquiry was that of a witness.

The FEC has cited and fined the treasurer of the Carroll County Republican Central Committee federal account for maintaining inadequate records. He was cited and fined for depositing checks that had been written more than 20 days prior to deposit.

He was cited and fined for not obtaining from certain contributors their places of employment and their job descriptions. At the time these errors were made the treasurer did not realize that he was in violation of FEC regulations.

He did not knowingly or willfully make these errors. Certainly, as anyone can plainly see, these were technical violations, and not of substance. All contributions received by the treasurer were reported to the FEC.

The Carroll County Republican Central Committee has not been cited or fined by the FEC for any of these infractions.

During the presidential campaign of 1988 several members of the Carroll County Republican Central Committee chose not to be involved in the campaign for George Bush.

They had supported other candidates in the primary elections or did not wish to be involved in the general election campaign. Because they were not a part of the campaign committee for George Bush, they were not told that the state Bush Committee had requested that Carroll County, as well as several other counties, deposit some of its funds in our county accounts, an action that is permitted by federal regulations.

When certain members of the Central Committee learned that these transactions had occurred they were incensed. They felt that reporting the contributions to the FEC was not sufficient.

They felt that as members of this County Committee they should have been advised of all transactions that occurred within the federal account, even though they had chosen not to work for or be involved in any manner with the presidential Campaign Committee.

In hindsight I agreed with them and in acknowledging this lack of disclosure, apologized to them for not advising them of this action. These members chose to not accept my apology or explanation and requested the FEC inquiry.

They then continued to persist in judging me, trying me and finding me guilty of a multitude of imagined wrongdoings. They chose not to wait for the FEC conclusions but to draw their own conclusions. Their conclusions have been proven incorrect.

The press cooperated with those members by continuing to print their half-truths, distortions, wild inaccuracies and misconclusions. The press failed to use its own investigative abilities or, better yet, wait for the FEC determination.

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