For Quenzer, Soccer Is King As Junior, Co-captain Of The Boys' Latin Varsity Soccer Team

October 28, 1990|By Glenn P. Graham | Glenn P. Graham,Staff writer

Westminster's Todd Quenzer was selected captain and most valuable player on both the junior varsity basketball and frosh-soph lacrosse teams last year at Boys' Latin Upper School in Baltimore, but if you would ask his favorite sport, he answers without hesitation.

"I love soccer," said Quenzer, who has been playing the sport since the fourth grade. "Most Americans like baseball and football, but I like the speed involved in soccer and the idea you can't use your hands. It's different."

This year, Quenzer, 15, is a junior at Boys' Latin and is a co-captain for the varsity soccer team, which has 13 seniors on it.

"I've always looked at it as being the younger guy in the group with so many seniors," he said. "We are a very close team and I feel I've earned their respect. I try to take control on the field -- keeping everyone together and communicating."

Boys' Latin currently owns an 11-2 record, largely because of the play of Quenzer.

"He has good field presence, leads by example and is always hustling," Boys' Latin soccer coach Butch Maisel said. "Earlier in the year, we played him at center midfield, but later moved him back to stopper, where he marks the (opponent's) best offensive threat and he has done an exceptional job."

Quenzer doesn't see a major difference between the two positions he has played this year.

"They (stopper -- the top center defender -- and center midfield) are about the same. There's a little more running and transition playing the center midfield position. I enjoy playing both," he said.

Quenzer has added some size from a year ago, which has enabled him to play a more physical game while still maintaining his finesse.

"He has always had excellent basic skills and finesse. This year, he is bigger and is more physical, particularly in the air, where he is doing a great job of challenging," Maisel said.

Although he has played a defensive position for most of the season, Quenzer has contributed three goals offensively.

"He has a very good, hard shot and I'd like to see him shoot more," Maisel added.

With their 11-2 overall record, Boys' Latin finds themselves right in the middle of the Maryland Scholastic Association A Conference title hunt.

"I think we have a great team," Quenzer said. "Basically, we have the same team back from last year with a few more additions and we have played together for a while now and have had time to gel. We have a lot of seniors who want a championship, it's just a matter of working hard and playing as a team."

Along with playing soccer year-round in indoor and recreation leagues, Quenzer still manages to find time to play lacrosse and basketball at Boys' Latin.

He first picked up a lacrosse stick his freshman year and notes certain similarities with that sport and soccer.

"Playing soccer has helped me learn the game of lacrosse. I use a lot of what I know from soccer, mostly knowing where to move and how to create space, when playing lacrosse. Lacrosse is much quicker," said Quenzer, who also plays defense in lacrosse and will move up to varsity this coming spring.

Not surprising, Quenzer enjoys the defensive aspect of the third sport he plays -- basketball.

Quenzer played the small forward position last season for the junior varsity team and this coming season will move up to varsity.

"Most people talk about scoring points and playing offense, but I've always enjoyed the defensive part of basketball and the movement it takes to cover others," said Quenzer, who averaged around 12 points a game last season.

Along with the three sports he plays, Quenzer has also found the time to excel in the classroom, where he is an honor student.

"I like Boys' Latin because it's a smaller school and you get to know everybody. Often times, there are only around 7 to 10 to students in a class, which makes me feel more like a person. It really makes things easier," Quenzer said.

"Along with being a good soccer player, Todd is a good student and has maintained excellent grades," Maisel said.

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